Surging car rental industry in the era of rent of next to normal

In recent years, Nanjing car hire has been into people is in sight, people have more and more people join the array of car rental, daily car, self-driving car sparking. There is no doubt that rent a car this new way is gradually changing people's travel habits and behavior, also had to sigh, when car rental so close to us? Why this industry will be in swift power into our daily lives? Think about it will find, in fact, rapid development of car rental is a full justification and background, society can stop the March of the car rental industry. &Nbsp;

     "rent" background is genetic

     70, generation, was born in a "rent" age, grew up with comic books, rent a video rental experience, rent a House after graduating from college and facing, "rent" live for the people who grew up familiar with, it can be said that "rent" has become a social norm. Therefore, when the car rental industry springing up, and people without too much hesitation and wander begins to accept the new way to travel.

     for car rental in most people hold a positive State of mind, although there are more or less in the car rental industry was just emerging concerns, but with the optimization of industry system and sound, free, free, convenient car rental travel quickly gained recognition and acceptance. It is understood that in North Canton and other cities, rental car users have accounted for the "books" of the one-third. Rent a car, has become a common, and became a State of life as a rental and social norm.

     had no money and no car environment is most direct stimulation

     to buy a car, has almost become national aspirations, but the reality is often only a small number of people can afford to buy a car. According to statistics, among those who have a driver's license in the country, this family of car-free books accounted for two-thirds, this huge base of user base for the development of the car rental industry.

     in addition, the environment, growing traffic and the need to use the car, as the car rental industry's most direct influence. China's auto market this year upset, incentives to quit, limit policy, collective shout to sell it. Consumer car demand continues to grow, and lottery restrictions on car, rent a car has become the best solution, and people participating in the lottery is the car rental industry's most immediate group of users.

     and rent a car or buy a car problem, few consumers hard choice, because they have their own cars, almost all of them identify targets for driving test. In fact, car purchase, traffic jams, parking fees under the practical factors such as rising, rent a car can be economical and eco-friendly consumption patterns. According to estimates, if the actual time is less than 100 days a year, renting makes more sense than buying a car. A case study of an average family car, rent rent less than 200 Yuan a day, for 100 days cost a total of less than 20,000 yuan, and the purchase of annual premium for a family car, maintenance repair, vehicle depreciation cost will exceed 20,000 yuan.

     at present, there are more and more people began to change ideas, not obsessed with cars, and moved to rental cars such as convenient and comfortable way to travel.

     took a taxi to a free car rental

     a taxi has become the general problem of first-tier cities. In Beijing, the morning and evening peak, residential and office buildings near difficult to get a car; holidays, malls and parks the same; if rainy weather, taxis could barely see the shadow. For most people, time is just when you least need to take a taxi. Taxis difficult to get people to start thinking about renting this way of freedom.

     some experts believe that, as a complement to other modes, car rental industry abroad has long been recognized as a cost-effective, green way to travel. Car rental in China has a history of more than 20 years, has been accepted by more and more consumers. As rent a car Enterprise rental facilitation, reducing the threshold for car hire to make this simple and convenient way to travel into the homes of ordinary people.

     reference to Europe and the proportion of domestic growth for amazing

    , according to the survey in the car rental industry in developed Europe, General rental business accounted for up to 25 days to 70% to 90% proportion of large car rental groups enables Hertz, Avis, Europe has hundreds of thousands of rental vehicles, such as transnational giants. Domestic car companies short term rental is much less than 30%, this huge gap behind the infinite space of the development of China's car rental industry.

     despite the domestic car rental industry is still in the early stages of development, but the industry generally agree that explosive growth has drawn near. The car companies are to increase their distribution, domestic car rental industry leader EHI after establishment of Shanghai irradiation Center, has launched the "Putin plan" and "guangshen strategy", try to first-tier cities preoccupied the market. China auto rental, extreme and Ricardo rental cars also are staking. Some experts said car rental industry will usher in a new round of explosive growth.

     EHI reminded the rental that matters

     rent a car has become a prevalent way, but after all, this is a new industry, rental cars, people still consider thorough enough points. In this regard, EHI reminded car users in daily car rental should be aware of the following:

    1, book in advance is very important

     If it helps the car plan, advance booking vehicles to ensure they want to rent the car, especially on weekends and holidays, but it should be rented in advance, or they may have planned to use the car fall to the ground.

    2, select large and normal rental companies

     select larger leasing companies on the one hand users will have more choice of car rental, selected according to requirements of different vehicles. Can also enjoy the chain of car rental companies to provide more consistent standards of service. Another large company is more attention to brand reputation, in case of an accident the user benefits can be fully protected.

    3, car, you need to check vehicle

     regular car rental business on cars-all maintenance and repair, but users vehicles when they go through and test drive the best you want. Different vehicles have different characteristics, it is recommended that appropriate familiar performance after starting, so that more success on the road.

    4 Select the appropriate vehicles, according to travel situations

     suitable vehicles for car users, particularly important, in General, people tend to rent your favorite models, but that may not be appropriate for, for example, to receive VIP, you best choice for commercial vehicles, and went out to play, sport utility vehicle will be the best choice.