Rent a car when the user wants to check the vehicle condition

Rent a car when the user wants to check the vehicle condition, July 12, 2005, Miss LI from Nanjing car rental rent a car. On that day, Miss Lee accidentally collided with a large truck driving, Miss LI was seriously injured. &Nbsp;

later identified by the departments concerned, the accident is because rental companies provide car brake does not work led, in the rental process, the tenant should pay attention to these aspects? Nanjing with Tu Yunxiang lawyers in a law firm to do a detailed answer.

1, when the lessee contracts with car rental companies, Tu lawyers suggested, look for regular car rental car rental company. If outsiders need rent a general need to get written guarantees issued by a local resident. He believes that both sides should be stipulated in the leasing contract models, lease, making transfer date, liquidated damages, price, payment method and the deposit date, exposure and liability for breach of clear responsibilities on both sides.

2, the connection of the car rental companies vehicles, Tu counsel submits that the lessees should carefully check the vehicle condition and vehicle documents. Leasing companies should apply for car insurance and third party liability insurance, and to ensure that the condition and the facilities good.

3, vehicle during the rental period fails, generally do not allow the lessee to unauthorized repairs, should feel free to contact the leasing company. When an accident occurs, the lessee shall within 24 hours notify the leasing company.

slaughter said, when an accident claims, if the leasing company with no apparent fault, generally not append it to the defendant. If it is in poor condition leading to accidents, the lessee shall apply for the traffic control Department identification, and identification of claims to the leasing company.

4, the vehicle returned when the lease term expires, both sides shall make a written transfer procedures.

car rental contract limitation is 2 years, from the victim knew or should have known the date on which the right was infringed.