Nanjing Automobile leasing market behind the popular frustration

If the holiday car travel, car rental is more convenient, especially holiday car travel. "


"for people who can't afford to buy a car for the time being, or rarely used cars for, rent a car is a good option. ”


the last few days, I found their car rental interest was high. But they also reflect now Nanjing Automobile leasing industry is still in its infancy stage, many of the legal vacuum the car rental industry disputes.


     car rental industry market-place


     in recent years, the rapid development of the car rental industry, until the end of 2010, national car rental has over 100,000 vehicles.


     work for a technology company in Beijing Xiao Wang often use the holiday to travel. Recently, he began experimenting with car rental. He said: "car rental more convenient than travel by bus, a train, on their own time, the rent is not too high. ”


     college student Liu met car rental ads: "dozens of bucks a day, I got a driver's license to rent a car around. ”


     based on EHI and China auto rental, two car data shows: Monday to Thursday's rent, on average cheaper than weekend 20% to 30% and even enjoy half-price offers and other activities. Friday to Sunday is the rental peak wants to rent to your favorite models, 3-4 days in advance booking, hit the holidays half a month in advance.


     at present, the car rental industry with national chains, the larger, better reputation, by continuously offering value-added services to grow your business. For example, developed an alternate programme, national rescue, car insurance, remote vehicles, door-to-door shuttle services, GPS navigation, and so on. Key account manager of a large car rental companies, said: "we offer our customers sum of 200,000 yuan, the equivalent of life insurance. "Of course, the more some of the micro and small companies, business is relatively simple, or specialize in large passenger car rental, or specifically for individual car rental. Moreover, some car rental company contact is a personal cell phone number on the Web site.


     walk in the grey area of chauffeur service


     It is understood that the car rental companies provide car rental services, also provide chauffeur service, some taxi drivers are not taxis, some taxi drivers and taxi. Driver mainly for no driver's license or do not want to take the car rental services available. In addition, most car rental companies offer a pick up and drop off service, discuss better planes taking off or landing time with the car rental companies, car rental companies, airport transfer, also a chauffeur service.


     a few days ago, Mr Wang back from Shenzhen to Beijing, ahead of him in a car rental car rental reservation pick-up service. "Home from the airport it takes about 260 Yuan, more than 100 more expensive than a taxi, but no invoice cannot be reimbursed. ”


     I called extreme car rental companies ask a pick up service, the operator said: "we have agreed with you a good date, flight, route and then talk about the price. ”


     at present, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other 14 cities for car rental are clearly defined: "car rental operators are allowed to provide services such as driving or in disguise, in road transport operations. "If they want to engage in car hire chauffeur services, need to obtain a license. Most of the car rental company's chauffeur services, though not legal, but business is booming, especially holidays, traveling became a self-driving tour of the new trend.


     Beijing lawyer Li Xuening believes, "rent a car rent" is the driver passenger service, rent a car company without obtaining the relevant qualifications, which belongs to the illegal operations. Right to use car rental companies rent vehicles, drivers belong to the labor market. Unless the rental car companies require customers to sign rental and sign a labour delegate, or commits an offence. In this regard, the owners had a problem, that car rental companies disrupting the taxi market.


     "hire purchase" behind the helpless


     ever since the lottery buyers in Beijing, many automobile 4S shop began to offer "hire purchase" business. Hire purchase, car rental company models specified by the customer to buy the new car, and signed a two-year or three-year term of the lease agreement, customers under the agreement to pay the rent, lease expires, consumers can obtain the ownership of the vehicle.


     in fact, the strength of the company to provide "hire purchase" services. China car rental company account manager Mr CAO said: "we purchase all formal channels, directly from 4S shops or manufacturers to car buyers. We have at least signed a one-year contract, can sign two or three years, due to complete the transfer. If the contract has expired, you still don't shake, that also can transfer. "When asked whether he can light plates does not rent, Cao said:" we do not sell license plates, our plates are operational in nature, you also can't use. "Supreme car rental Manager Torres said:" Beijing does not allow plates, if the contract expiration also did not shake the number, you can transfer to the field, or buy used plates, consumer and company. If you shake the expiration, company car ownership under the contract to the consumer, the cost borne by the company. If you shake during the contract period, you can transfer in advance, but must pay part of the penalty. Specific content is subject to negotiations between the two sides. ”


     spoke of "hire purchase" when manager says, "who have no cars are useful for users who demand, is a good choice. ' Hire purchase ' signing period than the normal rent of rent concessions in many. Compared to general purchases, this approach is not a down payment, not putting too much pressure on customers. "It is understood that this way more cars than normal car cost tens of thousands of dollars.