How to avoid several auto repair errors

Several errors in how to avoid auto repair

car repair there are a number of errors. These misunderstandings are at the low level of auto manufacturing, auto repair process backward, detection means is lack of time evolved. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, along with the widespread use of new materials, new technology, new technology, automotive design and manufacturing has improved greatly, without disassembly of the automotive fault detection and diagnosis technology is getting more mature, vehicle maintenance technology is constantly updated. However, awareness of the lag in the development of science and technology, remnants of car maintenance mistakes have a great impact, as reflected mainly in the following 10:

a ... the Bush bearing must scrape. Think engine crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearing replacement bearing you must scrape, do not peel the contact surfaces of the bearings with no guarantee of a good, even shaving Bush as top technology in automobile repair. Modern cars, especially small engines, its bearing on the crankshaft bearing and connecting rod bearing wear-resisting alloy coating is very thin, scraping should not be allowed, only by the corresponding size selection. If there is no surface bearing of a suitable size, necessary base-hole method available when grinding the crankshaft to get proper clearance.

b. engine coolant temperature low high is not afraid. Trying to find reasons of high temperature and low temperature is considered normal. Modern automobile engine is very harmful for the low water temperature, will make the mixture combustion is not sufficient, power is reduced, increased fuel consumption and cause poor lubrication, also causes excessive emissions.

c. valve clearance larger than smaller associations. Valve clearance, valve lift Cheng Xiao open enough, poor inadequate intake or exhaust, reducing engine power.

d. oil, the more the better. Think Ning more and not less, engine oil, and less easy to burn the bearing, and less to do more. Oil and cause harm to the engine so, obliquely-mounted engine and v-type engine, especially. It increases resistance to the rotation of the crankshaft, connecting rod, made its splash onto the cylinder wall oil increase, resulting in increased combustion chamber deposit. Add more oil, reduces engine power, increase wear and may result in excessive emissions.

e. empty hub lubrication are not reliable. Think hub filled with grease, can guarantee the lubrication of wheel bearings, only coated on bearing lubrication of air hub run fat insurance, must fill the void in the middle wheel grease. In fact, doing so is not only a waste grease and bearing cooling, lubrication used for bearings harm rather than good.

f. brake drag Sakura brake drag India indicates that the wheel lock, whereas modern cars require cannot lock, anti-lock device is installed. Maximum wheels braking force actually is until the wheel lock side slip. Once the wheel lock, car steering malfunction, wheel slip, prone to failure, so it's not longer good.

g. breaking electrical contact gap better than small. Contact gap is too large, contact closing time is short, the ignition coil primary current decreases, causing high voltage spark is weak, resulting in engine difficult to start.

h. ignition timing or injection advance angle rather no ignition advance angle is too large, explosive burn. Engine knock, great damage to piston, seriously affecting the life, and the starting of the engine resistance increases.

i. fastening bolts rather tight not loose. Bolts for auto parts, according to the diameter, pitch and use its size tightening torque corresponding to the specified value. Not up to the specified value of the bolts become loose, is bad, but blindly increasing tightening torque will distort the fastened components, and elongation of screw thread deformation or fracture.

j. automobile maintenance open check is assured. With the improvement of manufacturing, auto parts of modern life has been greatly extended, arbitrarily seized is bound to damage has been running well with States, can greatly shorten the service life of parts. In today's car trouble without disassembling detection technology will continue to improve, if you cannot find parts or assemblies with apparent failure generally don't pull test.

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