Electric cars next year, or enter the rental market

Do not drink oil, eat, a charge mileage 150 km, top speed of 130 km bulk listing until next year's Volvo C30 electric car this week joined the ranks Anting test drive electric cars, this is the Shanghai International Automobile city introduced the first global luxury brand of electric vehicles. Earlier, in Anting electric car test drive Center has 6 local brands are available for visitor experience, six have received a test drive of nearly 20,000 people at home and abroad, and our hands have touched the steering wheel nearly 6000 people test drive

in January this year, approved by the Ministry of science and technology, Shanghai became the world's first international model of electric vehicles, China's only city, international electric vehicle demonstration area, Jiading district, in early April, Shanghai's first private purchase of 8 tone of pure electric vehicles in Shanghai International Automobile City Road. According to Zhu introduced, Shanghai is one of the first electric car owners, after six months of running, electric car electricity costs for the year is expected about 1200, is one-tenth of the oil used to fuel cars. First "charge" to solve the problems gradually.

when the team of Shanghai electric car owners will be further expanded? It is reported that the electric cars the highest total 100,000 yuan of national and local financial subsidies has been confirmed, but details of buying electric cars, also in further development.

now, Hertz and other car rental companies have generate new energy vehicles sharing mode. New energy vehicles, including electric vehicle rental market is expected to next year "open" every day car rental costs an average of about hundred. Experts suggested that the future may wish to rent a try before you buy new energy vehicles.