Delivery of equipment industry: car rental market booming

September has not brought "gold" surprise, during the national day is hard to find "Silver Cross" sign of tight money, raise small car subsidies, high cost and other factors caused the car boom remain sluggish. "Silver Cross" calm will further enlarge the market pessimism, 4 quarter and dealers may continue to increase incentives, were silenced in the first three quarter of car buyers may desire in the 4 quarter to be released.

capital securities October 11 study points out that hot delivery equipment industry:

1, dealers preparing for "11"   auto market promotion war before you upgrade

2, car "three packs of" three big weaknesses   car back to change harsh conditions

3 hot, golden week rental market   market reproduction difficult to get a car

4, car rental market heating up   popular mid-range models

company news:

1 joint venture project was formally approved, Foton and Daimler 2, Changan Ford Mazda's first transmission plant in China opened in Chongqing Changan Mazda 3, 500 million Yuan to build research and Development Center located in the city of Nanjing

focus overseas:

1, McLaren announced Asia   China looks at the market 2, the mass acquisition of Mann   taking advantage of entering China's commercial vehicle market

market performance:

this week, auto and auto parts dropped 1.34%, auto index rose 1.45%, auto parts index by 5.38%. CSI 300 index over the same period decreased by 3.3%.

investment advice: auto index did better this week, beating the CSI 300 index 4.8%, bottom of the current sector valuations are still in history, with a margin of safety. Recommendations concerned performance determined, stability, product in the fast-growing segment of industry groups or oversold leading margin of safety in the early presence of leading enterprises, Miss Shanghai automobile and yueda investment, JAC, Huayu automotive and Foton motor.