Car rental market so popular pheasant or too high

National Day holiday was to rent a car with all family members traveling together, but unexpectedly hit more than 10 calls, finding economic models to suit your needs already all booked 10 days before the national day. Although holidays are peak in the rental market, but the rental market is so crowded scene of journalists by surprise.

it is reported that figures released earlier also showed that China's car rental industry is growing at an annual rate of between 20% and 30%, by 2015, national car rental demand will reach 300,000 to 400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan. With the price of the car down and consumer demand growth, the current car has long been a common thing, reporters around friends, colleagues, most were car owners. Logically, increased car ownership would reduce consumer market demand for rental cars, instead, car rental business did not decline, but with the increase in car ownership and the cake is getting bigger in the market, just a few years achieved rapid incremental growth.

in seven or eight years ago, a well-known journalist of rental company car rental business, very few consumers personal car rental, the proportion of leasing is less than 30%, and customer business needs predominate. And now many leasing companies reflect private car rental business to occupy the main, as well as rental demand is also growing. In addition, the rental car is a very troublesome thing a few years ago, not only to provide this account, also signed a series of contracts, and now only need to provide a credit card, spend 20 minutes to complete the formalities will be all set. In addition to this rental "car" forms, there are more flexible ways, many driver leasing, and even do not need to perform any procedure, with just verbal agreement by the parties, and their wide range of services, can drive drunk, targeted transfers, self catering holiday, similar to taxi, but a lot of personalized service. Although the car has a bad name in local   "pheasant", but as flexible, simple and convenient, more and more people of all ages, and even in many large hotels, residential, entertainment clubs to become the main business place for individual rentals.

in fact, recognition of this form of lease less the reporters initially, but after several attempts, after fully enjoy the facilities, instead of the more accepted and dependence. At a press conference not only saved the local mobile phone master phone, even into the home of master's call for their travel to bring a lot of convenience. And many people believe and of the habit, journalist community is located in Panyu, the "pheasant" is not only all over the about, but also very "high master" momentum. Due to these levels of leasing services in the form of good, comfortable ride, leads to more and more consumers are willing to choose form. Many taxi companies are therefore obliged to seek alternative, through the "on-call" services and "pheasant" market.