Car rental bad coming of spring policy implications

Purchase tax is no longer energy subsidies to raise the threshold, limit rumors intensified, the impact on the market in new car sales is not really small, but at the same time, Nanjing Automobile leasing market has ushered in the spring. Statistical data show that car rental market overall growth this year, as Beijing has limited market rental growth in volume last year amounted to nearly 50%. Ride up the rental industry.

in October, the auto market "Silver Cross" is not, in such cases, leasing industry began with. Reporter King learned from China auto rental, company to market changes, a full 50 percent of the country's 58 cities, to promote market development in the car rental industry in the off-season, lead consumers to the peak rental cars. And as digital, furniture, cars and other products State lease also log on at this time in Dalian and the rapid integration of markets.

reporters visited found that "commodity's value lies not in having", this view was the new age people to share more thoughts. Potential customers for car rental, 90% is not "books", mostly $literal and generation, loved to play, rental cars driving behavior is more agreeable. And now many white-collar suburbs has not satisfied the weekend swimming short distance driving mode, hoping to distance driving, but remote car models have higher requirements, their cars are sometimes unable to meet. So as China auto rental, rental car companies and attractions, airlines, travel agents, several parties joined forces to a remote landing opportunites, has been more and more people of all ages. Rental market potential

according to insiders, the domestic market is still dominated by leasing enterprises, institutions, and individuals rent market share than leasing enterprises, institutions, but there is no denying that showed a trend of growth. In particular has limited market like Beijing, car rental to rise even more. Xinhua learned from the China auto rental, part of rental car customers are renting cars, shaking, to solve emergency problems. Data Corporation research report shows that the current annual growth rate of China's car rental industry is over 30%, and individuals constitute the most important strength.

according to the experience of mature Western markets, one of the car rental industry's biggest feature was to highlight the "car-sharing" concept, to rent this advanced practitioner of the concept of consumer. In China car rental reporter see, many people rent had a car yihou, has discourage has must to buy car of idea, according to company of statistics data, if annual of travel days less than 153 days, car rental far than buy car deal, also can saves insurance, and car acquisition tax, costs, and car rental of procedures also increasingly convenient, took with ID, and license also has credit card on can soon do good, can real experience to "enjoy car of Le, from car of annoying". Distance from the mature markets are

in understanding before the car rental industry, journalists feared that this industry will die as the China's entry into the auto society. Currently, there are about more than more than 4,000 car rental companies, and top 10 market share is less than 10% car rental company, industry concentration is very low. But judging from the present situation, "commodity's value lies not in having"-acceptance of this view is not so low as journalists think, China's car industry to similar United States top 5 rental car companies occupy market 90% level seems to be only a matter of time.

senior analyst Jia xinguang (PO) believes that at present China's car rental industry economy environment and road conditions have been, but the domestic laws and regulations are not perfect for the car rental market, is not conducive to development. Car rentals in foreign countries has become a mature way of consumption, as a means of financing, major car rental companies in developed countries, are generally financial companies behind, and some even are direct investments made by financial firms. The domestic market is far from reaching that point. In the details, and companies such as China, State service level comparable with foreign countries, as long as these leading car rental companies in the industry to work together, let car be enjoying will soon become a reality.